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Smearing Slowhand: Rolling Stone’s Sleazy Hit on Anti-Vax Guitar Hero


For Eric Clapton, all it took to go from rock legend to canceled was to insurgent in opposition to the institution. And the institution’s enforcer is Rolling Stone journal.

When it’s not publishing lies about faculty rapes and hicks swallowing horse drugs the once-cooler than you’ll ever be chronicle of counterculture is cracking heads for Biden and Boris. Clapton had a foul expertise with one of many vaccines, and he’s utilizing his platform to warn folks about it. 

Dangerous concept. Rolling Stone has archives, and so they’re not afraid to make use of them. In an article titled, “Eric Clapton Is not Simply Spouting Vaccine Nonsense—He is Bankrolling It,” Rolling Stone couldn’t merely disagree with Slowhand, clarify why he’s fallacious and that his followers needs to be skeptical about his claims. No, the Blues Breakers, Cream, Derek & the Dominoes guitarist have to be punished.

Throughout a 1976 live performance in England, Clapton stated some impolitic issues about immigration to Britain and used what Rolling Stone calls “offensive slurs.” Did I point out this was again in 1976?

Clapton way back apologized and blamed it on his ingesting. Which appears sort of cheap, and provided that the incident was in 1976 … Hah! Rolling Stone anticipated your weak-willed forgiveness and located any person who was at that live performance 46 years in the past to let you know what a foul man EC actually is. “Drink simply makes you inform the reality too loud on the fallacious time to the fallacious folks,” in accordance with English Beat founder Dave Wakeling, who was there in 1976.

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And Clapton who “spent a lifetime appropriating black music,” stated some “stomach-churning” issues again in a 1968 interview. Explaining British viewers response to his pal Jimi Hendrix, he stated “Everyone and his brother in England nonetheless kind of assume that spades have massive dicks. And Jimi came to visit and exploited that to the restrict, the fucking tee. Everyone fell for it.”

Properly, contemplate my abdomen churned. Clapton used a standard (on the time) racial epithet and defined what he thought English folks thought. Not very elegant, perhaps not very good, however acceptable in a distinct time and context. Anyone who’s learn rock journalism from the 60s and 70s is aware of musicians and the folks interviewing them spoke very in another way than they do immediately.

However that doesn’t matter to the present gang of propagandists at Rolling Stone. All they know is Clapton stepped out of the vaccine line and their job is to ensure everybody is aware of he’s a kind of MAGA-hatted, science-denying racists.